The “2nd TechXtile Start Up Challenge“, which was held as a digital event due to unexpected situations last year and which we had quite successfully thanks to our determination despite everything, boosted our excitement even more.  We are very happy and proud that it has become the most important entrepreneurship competition focused on the textile industry in Turkey in its second year.

TechXtile Start-Up Challenge has now turned into a constantly living structure, hosting many trainings, meetings, one-on-one meetings, collaborations and events that have surpassed the message. This structure, which is shaped by the needs of the sector and our entrepreneurs, is gradually expanding. With this development, we will continue our work as the “TechXtile Platform”, which we bring all activities under one roof and which we will implement as of this year.

Seeing that we are growing and progressing every year is an indicator of our brilliant work. We believe that we have reached the successful position we have reached in such a short time, thanks to the great effort and knowledge we have spent, as well as the valuable support of our stakeholders and the steps we have taken in the right direction.  Our biggest desire is to contribute to the development of our entrepreneurs and our sector, and to lead the realization of innovative ideas in increasing competition and constantly renewed market conditions. Thus, we aim to contribute to our economy by bringing ideas that are applicable, measurable, technological innovation and depth, supporting national and domestic production to our sector.

We wish success to all our entrepreneur candidates for the “3rd TechXtile Start Up Challenge”, which focuses on “Value-creating Startups and Collaborations in the Technological Fields” and will compete with projects that will directly benefit the textile industry;  and I would like to thank all our stakeholders, institutions and organizations for their support.


Uludağ Textile Exporters’ Association